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A GOOD Botox day?




Well today is July 21 st 2005 and I received my first treatment of Botox injections. (35 months post stroke)


It took about 30 minutes and consisted of the following.


1) Taken into the examining room to wait for the doctor.


2) Doctor comes in and tells me that I will need to remove my shirt for the procedure.


3) I take off the shirt and lie down on the examining table face up.


4) The doctor "Tests" me at this point. range of motion of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. He also checks range of motion of fingers.


5) The doctor "Maps" me as to where the Botox injections are to be applied.


6) The Doctor calculates the amount of Botox for each area that he has determined requiring an application. This is to ensure that the supply of drug is matched to the application requirements.


7) The doctor then "injects" me by using a inject and press method. twice for the wrist. Twice for the elbow. Once for the forearm. Once for the shoulder.


Only one time did I feel a funny sensation. The feeling was like when you hit your funny bone but it was in the middle of my hand right at the point when he made one of the injections.


8) put shirt back on. and the doctor will want me back in early September for a check. (Decision on further treatments will be made then)


The doctor tells me that it will take about two weeks for the Botox to take full effect and that the effect will last about three months.


My assignment is to stretch the heck out of the shoulder, arm and hand to see if I can increase the range of the wrist (flex and rotate). Also to allow the arm to hang in a more natural way when standing and walking. (not to draw up).


There is a possible danger that I might loose the strength in my arm but if I do it should return in about three months. (hokay dokay eh) LOL


Well now you know..... The rest of the story.


There are some videos on the Botox treatment on the web and I will see if I can find one that I can post a link to in a future blog.


Smiles smile.gif





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Gary hope you get results from the botox, I use an Exertube for working out my arms and shulders


looks like a rubber jump rope with handles, they come in 5 colors...level of strenght/resistance,


I hadn't thought about it but since using this I have noticed I carry my arm and hand at a more normal angle and not curled up unless I am "overtired"


I know my PT had given me some..latex type bands to use for arm and shoulder exercises (first time after rotator cuff surgery.


it has helped to strengthen my arms and movement.


Best of luck and keep us posted on the botox.



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Botx does wonders first time, but later dosage, has to be higher nothing wrong in it, rebound from botox is strong, I have had it 3 times for my hand, no side effects, bit no effect either, though first time it opened up my hand, next 2 times effect was mild not like first time, I guess I wanted miracle but it doesn't provide 1, I hate stroke



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Guest lwisman


Good luck Gary.


Thanks for documenting this. I am sure many survivors will find it helpful to read about your experience.

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Hi Asha


That is a good point that you make. You are right Botox does not provide the answer.


As I understand it the treatments provide a window (about three months) that the opposing set of mussels are relaxed enough so that you can train the brain to use the mussels that will do the work to move body parts again. So the key is to move as quickly as you can to train the brain and then hopefully when the Botox wears off in about three to four months, the brain will have effected a work around type solution that will give a greater range of motion than what you had pre Botox.


So the drug is only the means. WE still have to do the work.


In my case I have to work on my wrist both the rotation and the flex. I also am trying to get my elbow to extend in a more natural way while standing and/or walking.


So for the next month or so I have to make sure that I WORK the arm/hand every day and do it as many times as I can each day. (that is my assignment)


So hopefully if I do my exercises the brain will also do it's part to rework the circutry to gain some more precious range of motion.


We shall see...


ps I am very pleased with the movement and range I have been able to gain post stroke without the use of Botox so any further gains are gravy eh.


Smiles smile.gif



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Good to know your 1st treatment is over.

I believe botox is a treatment ,not a cure,but wish it is successful for you!!


Take Care

lorrainelm cloud9.gif

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Hi Lorraine


Thanks...You are exactly right. The Botox treatment is just the facillitator.


It is up to me to train the brain to make the movements that will increase my range of motion.


My job is to work on the rotation and flex of my left wrist. Also to get my left elbow to assume a more natural and relaxed position when standing and walking.


The way that this is done is by using my right hand to make the wrist movements (about 100) per time in order to teach the brain. I also use the method of placing my left hand in my left pants pocket when I am walking in order to (again train the brain).


The Botox treatment should be fully in effect this week (second week since treatment) and according to the doc. it will give me about a three month window to get the brain up and running re these specific movements.


Time will tell.


The Botox treatment seems to be taking good effect so I am very hopeful that I will be able to get the desired response from my buddy the brain.


Smiles smile.gif



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