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Crack,numbers & Brad Pitt



Even the the full moon, no crack, my raging hormones and going back to work after my "vacation"(went by too quick, and I am thoroughly convinced I could be perfectly happy never working another day, but such is not my fate) Patrick had a good week.


I will start with the crack. He ate my crack and I was not at all happy about it. Crack is the name Patrick gave the candy I made last summer. I made it for a family function and he told everyone I brought crack because it is so addictive.Now everyone calls my candy "crack". I have had to make crack now each time I see the family or I seriously don't think they will let me in. They have this candy at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory called Avalanche Bark which is what I tried to copy. It consists of white chocolate, peanut butter, rice krispies, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and is NOTHING like a crispy treat. More like a candy bar of pure, unadulterated heaven. I stopped at the candy store and bought a hunk of the real deal- a 4"x 4" piece was over $7. I used the last of my cash for it. When I bought it, I considered hording it for myself, but decided to be nice and share. I cut a one inch cube to sample it for quality assurance, and it was primo stuff. After dinner, my son wanted his share, so I cut his hunk off and put the rest in the fridge. I saw Patrick eating it a while later, but I assumed since he had the knife, he had cut his third off, leaving me the last third. I went to eat mine about 10 minutes later and it was ALL GONE. NO CRACK LEFT. NONE. (scratching my arm furiously, I ask) UM, WHERE'S MY CRACK? NO CRACK. ALL GONE. I LOVE HIM- I THINK I HAVE TO KILL HIM. HOLY SH*T, HE ATE IT ALL. He felt bad about it, but all BS aside, I thought (hormones raging, last day of vacation, no more cash, and seriously needing my fix) I thought I would cry. I'm better now-took about a day to get that little tease of a bite out of my system, but I'm OK, thanks for asking. I'm over the withdrawls.


The numbers...

Yesterday, Patrick handed me a piece of paper, and with dashes and everything, he had written down his SS#!!! I was so proud and happy for him. I then asked if he could write our phone number down and HE DID! Area code and all!


Then, last night, I was flipping channels and landed on a HBO station. I had gotten distracted and didn't stop there on purpose, but soon Patrick saw what was on and said, "Um..." and turned to see what he was going to say and he pointed to the TV. I told him I wasn't watching, sorry for whatever this movie was. I looked to see what we were watching and it was Brad Pitt in (???). Patrick said " I..........don't like him." I about fell over laughing. Hey, it was a full sentence, even if it was to rip on Brad!!!



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You had me worried there with those first sentences about crack before you explained. It sounds wonderful!


That is wonderful that Patrick was able to write that out and say that sentence! Those little thing we take for granted in pre-stroke life are like little miracles afterward aren't they.



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Thanks Jean, he is doing so well, right now. He held his right arm up above his head for a few seconds without assistance the other day, he seems to be using common object words more, and rarely uses his cane in the house anymore. We still have a HUGE way to go- but these are the "little" things that keep you from giving up along the way.



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