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Old Friends...




I spent all day with Rita...Chris and Julia went to a wedding today, so the day (and evening) was ours (beautiful weather here in Maryland, 85 and sunny with a light breeze). Julia is a Cellist and gives lessons, in home, while she cares for Rita and she occasionally plays at weddings. This evening I spent two hours with them talking when they got home...Rita was fast asleep. Chris, Rita's son, was surprised at how long Rita and I have known each other. I liked telling Chris I remember when his mother was pregnant with him (Chris is 25yo)...and that his Mom was the 'disco queen' of our times!

I shared with them the year and a half my Grandmom (90 years old) lived with me. She broke her pelvis in a fall and I was the primary caregiver at 8 and 9 months pregnant with my fourth child and the one month after delivery. I was as overwhelmed, if not more than Julia, who is 5 months pregnant now. I certainly understood their decision to place Rita on a list to go back to a nursing home. I too made that decision (although my Grandmother went to my Aunts house to live...something she was not interested in doing) and the absolute guilt that was never replicated to this day after 16 years.

I did my second shower tonight with Rita...an entire load of towels! Easier the second time round and now we are in rhythm with each others moves. Filled a syringe all by myself tonight...no supervision and she survived. I remember some crime show were someone was killed over air in the needle...but fear seems to take a back seat recently. Long day and my mind won't stop running.



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