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35th High School Class Reunion Dinner Dance



Hello All:


Well, my 35th High School Class Reunion is now in the history book. What a great time was had by the 41 classmates (out of 230 class members). The MC for the evening read the names of 9 of our fellow classmates, who were with us 'in spirit'. Yes, we have 'lost' only 9 class members, due to death in 35 years.


From 6:00 - 7:00 PM, we had a social hour, where there were platters of vegetables w/ dip, a bologna'cheese tray w/ mustard and an assorted fruit tray set out.. At 7:00 PM, we had the meal - a tossed salad, followed by marinated chicken breast, French green beans and scalloped potatoes. Chicken breast was 'steamed' and had no taste. Dessert was pie ala mode, with 4 different pie choices.


Then, a fellow classmate, who has a band, provided the music for the evening. Several of the girls, oops, 50-ish ladies (must be politically correct) can still dance, like they did in high school. And we 'learned' that one of our classmates got married, for the first time, two years ago, when he was 49.


Also, we learned that our 'Class of 1970' is now spread across 25 states, with 2 in Germany and 1 in Greece. Also, a classmate lives in Texas and she owns a car dealership in TN. Talk about a 'daily commute'.


We are, even now, 'working on plans and ideas for our 40th - in 2010.





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Sounds great and it is fun to hear where the entire class scattered all those years ago. I used to hate reunions but I enjoyed my 20th when I went.


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