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So I promised you a video on Botox!





Here are the videos (3) on the Botox type treatments.



Stroke Recovery information and videos


Interesting eh


Also here is a quick update:


First I have experienced a relaxing of the arm since getting the injections on Thursday.


As it has relaxed it has dropped down and hence my centre of gravity is changing. As my COG changes I have to adjust my balance.


I am also noticing that the stress points in my back are changing as well.


I was able to put my left hand in my pants pocket today and I havn't been able to do that post stroke.


I am experiencing a bit of a spaced out feeling which I assume must be the drug.


Tomorrow is Monday and My plan is to begin a regular routine (daily) of exercising the wrist and elbow. (brain training)


I walked about a mile and a half this evening down to the waterfront where there was some outdoor musical entertainment.


Well that is the report for today.


Smiles smile.gif



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