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Pre Stroke Pam Visited!




Yesterday, no matter how I look at it was a fantastic day all the way around and I had company. Pre stroke Pam stopped by to visit and share her attitude and way of looking at the world. She also shared her energy. She pitched in and the apartment is so clean and sparkling I can eat off the floors, my life is organized and able to run smoothly for awhile as long as I can keep it up. We were brainstorming ideas for me to be creative again. But we kind of shelved that idea for awhile as I was wiped out from keeping up with her.

Her and I shared a few glasses of wine and she tucked me into bed and left. I hope it isn't another three years before I see her again. Cause you know what? I really like her and miss her company.




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I am pleased for you. There is no reason for her not to visit every day. She has made the first hard step to come over after so long.

You know something, your happy vibes must be spreading across the pond...... biggrin2.gif


I wish I could come and share a coffee when you next see Mama and her fawn- maybe one day. beer.gif ( Sorry couldnt find coffee giggle.gif )


Have a good day


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I just hope Pre-stroke Pam didn't share too much of her energy and overdo it too much...... biggrin2.giflol_2.gif



Save some energy for the next day at least.


Charles gleam.gif

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When your old self gets tired of cleaning at your house, send her to Michigan. I could use some help. So glad you two are getting to know each other. Maybe you two can become roomies.



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I don't know about me and pre stroke Pam being roomies..... For one, our taste in men is radically different. Our music is opposite ends of the spectrum, she tells me my taste in reading material is too heavy and deep. She is confused in my interest in the computer. We are very different and besides we seem to be on the same PMS cycle, that wouldn't work at all!


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I JUST realized that when you refer to your friend pam coming by, you didn't mean another person!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol lol lol



my friend KIM comes by some too, maybe they can be friends too. kim and pam and kim and pam!!!!!!!!!




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I only know post-stroke Pam. She's a pretty cool person too. She's offered me support and friendship many times, and expected nothing in return. If you like pre-stroke Pam, I'm sure I would also.


I'll bring the easy cheese and crackers. I also have an extra hula skirt...


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