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Question about 1970's and car seats...




Okay guys...

The older I get, the more I realize that my parents are cheaters, liars and not as good of people, that I thought, they were.

Sad, but I know..

Getting married helped me to see them better.

My parents tell us that car seats were not invented, when we were kids, but my husband remembers riding in one?? I don't know who to beleive. I tried to search it online, but got nowhere.Do any of you guys, know? I was born in 1976, brother in 1980, and none of us had carseats. I vivdly remember flying airborne in the 'ol station wagon.

I guess, I am trying to prove them wrong.


My parents encouraged me to fabricate what was stolen out of my car in college, so I would get more $$$ from the insurance company!! blush.gif


WTF???? nono.gif


My hubby, has had to re-raise me since we have been married. lol_2.giflol_2.gif

I am being serious. sad.gifangry.gif



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"Car Seats - Child Restraints

The first child car seats were invented in 1921, following the introduction of the Henry Ford's Model T, however, they were very different from today's car seat. The earliest versions were essentially sacks with drawstring attached to the back seat. In 1978, Tennessee became the first American State to require child safety seat use."


From The Direct Source - seat belt



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I think there were a lot of years in there where child car seats were available, not required by law for parents to use. So basically, your parents and husband could both be right if you substitute the word "invent'" with "required" and you can check out the year in which they were state required where you grew up.



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My parents encouraged me to fabricate what was stolen out of my car in college, so I would get more $$$ from the insurance company!!


I'm not sure about this, but wouldn't this be considered insurance fraud'?


Also, I checked out Michael's 'link' and found it quite interesting. And I am glad that your husband is 're-programming' you.




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In the 70's I had little plastic seats for my kids, they were more to boost them up so they could see out the windows than for any safety issue. They were not required and I know they would not have been any help in an accident.


we also had a little car bed that fit on the back floor, and little plastic infant seats....


Bonnie (my kids were born in late 60's)

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quit dwelling on their past mistakes, they raised you well given the circumstances, try not to do same mistakes wth your DD while raising her



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I didn't get married till 1978 and our two girls were born in 1983 and 1984. We used proper child safety seats (with them facing backward) in the back seat for both of them.


Sorry... but in the 70's I guess I was too busy listening to Three dog night, Iron butterfly and Led Zeppelin and talking on my CB radio to to be thinking about making babies. ( I seem to recall however, that the seat of my car was a great place for watchin jets eh) lol_2.gif (well maybe your too young for that one too)


Smiles smile.gif



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In the early 70's, my sis and I would get turns riding in the back window. You know that flat area behind the seat... When there was a sudden stop, we would roll out onto the seat. It was great. My Dad also had an old car that didn't even have a back seat in it. Mom let us sit in the chairs that came with a child's table set. They rocked a lot. That was great too. biggrin.gif


And do you know in all those senseless years, Dad never had an accident with us in the car?

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