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Rant, Rant, and Rant some more




Here I am this time ranting and ranting some more. Probably still off the top of my head.


I want to thank my caregiving wife for all she has gone thru in my recovery for the past 18 months. We have both come a long, long way from stroke patient to stroke survivor. From working wife, mother and friend to unemployed wife, friend still and caregiver. That's a journey in itself, all by it self.


"Thank You" has become my 2 words of choice lately. People, male and female, even small children, have open doors for me as they feel I need a little help getting thru the doorway or off the curbs to my vehicle. I really appreciate the concern they show me


There are many good people in this world with love in their hearts for their fellow man. A lot of them are right here posting in this site communicating with others. What a concern. I have much love in my heart for each one of them and I will always pray to my God for their recovery.


No matter their beliefs, reasons, denomination, afflictions or opinions, they have a right to their way of life as much as anyone else. In due time all our lives changes in some form or fashion. All of us here has experienced some sort of change in the way we think, how we do, our performaces and so on.


It tends to make us a better understanding human being. We sort of begin to see the light in spite of the forest. In my case I feel I've gotten closer to knowing God and what he has in mind for me to do with my life.


Stop and think for a minute. Did we eat healthy foods, not to much fat, salt, etc?

Did we tell any lies, steal, swear or cheat on our spouses? What we see and feel now as survivors is a set back, but it could be a blessing in wolf clothing. It could be getting us to accept God or closer if we already had accepted him in our lives.


What ever the reason it gives us time, time to set and review our past lives as we were living it. Can we see changes made or we need to make at this point? How often we pass by a bad wreck on the highway, see the ambulances lights going and we say Oh my God or Lord have mercy? My guess is for most people its all the time. We even slow our speed for the next several miles still wondering how many got killed.


Remember now we are survivors, we got life, but do you think it may be our time to get that life in gear, make a choice. For some of us we'll choose God or some belief of what we want our life to be. No man can live wrong and pray right. No man can pray right and live wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right. You will need love in your heart and a season of giving back. Then it's always the season of thanksgiving.


We will receive our reward in heaven, a place of surpreme happiness. Well as I stated up front this is ranting off the top of my head. You can see I had brain damage but alive and so proud of my accomplishments this far. I want to tell ALL I love you unconditionally and God does too. My request to you is try a little love in your heart. pash.gif Then tell your family members "I love You" THANK YOU.



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Hi Scooterman,


You even rant like a gentleman and a scholar....and that's a compliment in case you're not sure.


I will do as you suggest and tell Don tonight that I love him and thank him for still being in my life.




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ditto jean on the "gentleman" part!!!! i LIKE the way you "rant". i have only recently learned why fate chose to let me have this stroke. and it has helped me get to the acceptance stage. i have always been "glass half empty" person, till recently. and you are right, TELL THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE THAT YOU LOVE THEM WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!!!!!!!


sometimes, we don't get the second chances like we, as survivors, have been given!!!!!!!!




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