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So Nice to Get Out and Go Away!!!




Saturday afternoon Chris and I went to a friends house to celebrate the birthday of their daughter who was turning 3.


What a chore to get Chris in and out of my father's van. I felt like I was going to ripe my guts out. Even with all the training from the PT it was still difficult. BUT the struggle was worth it...........Chris had a great time at the party. He finally got out of the house and could talk to people. It was really good for me also to finally get out of the house and do something besides grocery shopping, banking etc. We where out just about all afternoon and I expected Chris to take a long nap when we got home but I guess he was to excited and never went to bed until 11pm.


Today several times he said how good it was to get out and how much he enjoyed going to the party.


Sometimes I get so angry at some of the struggles we have to go through but when I see the end result, especially this end result I'm glad I did what I did.



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its great to get out of the house its good medicene , so ur not allways staring at those same 4 walls

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i'm so glad you "got out" and did something fun!!!!!!!!!! marty's right, this could be a new beginning!!!!



the other kim lol




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Good for both of you. I'm so glad you got out. It is the beginning of a whole new world for you and it will get easier, believe me. We started with a trip to Florida at 11 months post-stroke and the help of 3 other people, graduated to a short road trip to South Dakota for a long weekend, and now we are planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA for Labor Day with just the two of us flying from Denver. One step at a time, but each time we go, it gets easier and we find people to be very helpful.




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