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The stroke changed my life in 10 ways




1 Early retirement. forced retirement. I loved my job of being a photographer...especially for weddings.


2 It seems the stroke brought on the early onset of peri-menopause: hot flashes, abnormal menstral cycle, mood swings


3 increased awareness and interest in comedy...I watch Comedy Central non-stop...love MAD TV show.


4 I used to go for a 5 mile walk 3 days a week before the stroke, but now barely have the energy to walk around the house.


5 I'm thankful for opportunity to make new friends at strokenet...great bunch of people!


6 Now, I have the time to get involved in my son's life and get to know him/his friends.


7 Prestroke, I was a quick typist...don't know the speed I was typing at, now, I'm lucky to get 10 words/minute.


8 My perception of time is greatly skewed...don't ask me to tell you how much tiime has elapsed without benefit of a clock/watch. I have a cooking timer beside my computer to limit my time spent on email/internet.


9 a chance to know the life/trials of a handicapped person. People's perception of you disabled is greatly different of as an able bodied person.


10 greater appreciation of family/friends who really care vs just go through the motions or pay lip service to caring.



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Just to think, look at what we are able to accomplish with family and your son's friends. It brings us closer together in a lot of cases.

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i like how you combined the good with the bad instead of just one or the other. cuz that's how it is in REAL life!!!!!! EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE ONE OF THE FUNNIEST PEOPLE I KNOW, YOU CAN BE DOWNRIGHT INSIGHTFUL SOMETIMES!!!!!!!!



KIM pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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hey there flowers.gif


I'm with ya on the time perception thing and the perimenopause thing.


I tell someone when I see 'em in a wheelchair how much I admire them for moving that thing. It was really something to work, I agree it takes SO much more to it than the regular person would ever know...I think RIC probably had to repaint the walls on the 4th floor after I left... spoton.gif

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