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I'm in love../Texarkana trip..




I met my nephew today, who was born, at 3:09a.m. He is the sweetest thing in the world. There is something that makes a person feel better, when they hold such a fresh life! He weighed 8 pounds on the dot. Mommy and baby are doing great!

Such a blessing.


I got to hold him, one armed today, even though my sick arm, can't feel much it jumped and it tried to feel his feet.


I drove the 200 mile one way trip to Texarkana, no problem.... On our way, back home, daughter and I stopped through a town where a friend of mine lives and visited for an hour.. we went through Little Rock where Daddy works, brought him supper and ate with him in the breakroom.


BIG STEP FOR ME!! Post stroke, my self esteem has been shot, too bad to see old co-workers/or meet new people. Tonight I didn't care what someone thought about my walk, arm, or stroke effects.


I just don't want want to embarrass hubby or daughter from my stroke quirks...


Anyone understand??? I was always paranoid/self comscience(sp?) before, but now, it is super bad.


Today was a good day. The gas pump hit my wallet pretty hard. I shelled out $2.54 for a gallon of gas.

**Makes me thankful for not commuting to work anymore. rolleyes.gif

I am so tired, I may call in sick to church tomorrow nono.gif

I will go, and then nap all afternoon.




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hey Aunt Amy:


congrats, I used to be quite conscious o f way my arm stays near my chest while walking, I haven't found any magic pill yet, but I do all the things which I used to like prestroke, I still do it post stroke



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