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The good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty



There's a quote from an old tv series "When I started pulling at the loose threads from my past, my entire life tapestry became unraveled." This was said by Captain Picard in Star Trek, The Next Generation.


For those who are unfamiliar with this show or this paticular episode, Picard was allowed to go back into his past and repair one mistake. When that happened, his entire life changed for the worst.


I'm sure we all have those moments we would love to go back and do over to "correct" them. But if you stopped and really think about it, if you had the chance, would you?


Every second we are making decisions that will profoundly alter the course of our lives. "Should I go left or right?", "Should I risk eating that old chicken?", "Should I call my mom or wait till later?". No matter what the outcomes are, they mold us into the people we are today. If you fix even one small choice, then the experiences and future decisions that come out of it are gone.


It doesn't matter if you had a good experience or a bad experience in your past. That experience made you who you are today. We all have flaws and problems we wish weren't there. But, they are so ingrained into who we are that if you removed them, then you have to also remove a lot of yourself to get rid of it.


It's only natural to dwell on what could have been if something went just a little differently. That's the old saying "hind site is 20/20". But if it didn't go that way, then the hind site wouldn't be there and our lifes would be greatly changed.


If Kathy hadn't of had her stroke, then there would be a lot of lives that would be different right now. The ones I've become friends with and even grown to love from the life changes that followed it wouldn't know I existed or me them. My Uncle wouldn't have had the chance to avoid a stroke, because I was the only one in the family that recognized he was suffering from TIAs.


That's just one big example, but even a little choice of "what's for dinner" can have just a big impact on our lives.


It all goes along with the multiverse theory. Everytime a decision has to be made a multitude of universes spring out from it depending on what the outcome could have been. So why I am here typing this blog, there's another me who decided to play Bespelled on MSN, while another me is doing laundry or washing dishes, and another me is out in the van cleaning, etc, etc, etc. With this theory our lives spawn an endless spider web of multiverses, that sometimes cross over, or just miss each each other (deja vu).


All in all, we should learn from our life experiences and realize that they make us, us. Withouth the good and bad we wouldn't be who we are. Always remember "It's a wonderful life"


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your blog sounds like i could have typed it!!!!!! i agree with every word , especially the deja vu part. i don't want to change anything about my life anymore, cuz it has made me who i am, the good with the bad. and now, this may sound strange, i am glad i had this stroke. if i had'nt, there are a lot of life experiences and discoveries i made about myself and others that i would have missed!!!!!!





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I can not put it into words the way I want to so I'll say I agree. Life is Beautiful and full of excitements from every aspect we face.

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