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my daughter's teacher came for a visit



Today was a good day, after I did hours of nervous cleaning this morning, when everything, was already clean.


Our daughter's teacher came to meet her today at the house. She loved her, and was such a show off... showing her how she could write her name, spell/write certain words..

When her teacher left the house, she opened the door and yelled,"I love you Mrs. _______!"

It was too sweet!!

I hope the rest of the year goes pretty well.

That's all to blog for today.



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Amy that is so sweet and special, you should write it down in a little special moments album or something. I still remember my daughter's first day....long time ago ( yikes) She has a 12 yr old now.

How sweet for the teacher to come to the house!!!

Have tissues in your pocket....


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Thanks girls for all of the suggestions.. I am sure I will cry tears of joy/sadness, when I am walking out the door. But I don't think it will be as hard, as when I had to leave her as an infant after maternity leave! I did cry the whole way to work, and very depressed!!

You'll hear all about it Friday!


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