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Three things I hate with a vengence



There are three things I hate and only submit to doing them reluctantly/obediently...

1)going to the dentist


2) having a pap smear test done


3) having a mamogram done (which I did today)


If I had my way, I'd get all three things out of the way on the same day so it'd be over with. But then I'd probably just loathe that day and drag my feet to complete that day..


You can't win with me. :silly;



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I like your idea of getting the big three over with all on the same day. Wish it were possible to schedule that closely and still get to them all on time.



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Guest lwisman




I agree those three things are a pain.


However, when I had a mammogram a year ago last spring there was a nodule. It was benign and removed in April 2004. I have had to go back twice for new mammograms to be sure it has not grown back (it hasn't).


After that scare I really don't mind mammograms as much. I also now no longer have to wait 2 months for an appointment. When I call they give me one right away. Guess I'm on the "watch" list.

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I have a really super dentist so am not too scared to go... as for the other two I refer to it as putting your boobs through an old fashioned wringer washer the one that has rollers just as thrilling and the third is not even in my thoughs even though I am supposed to go for one soon....my Dr. doesn't like doing them I think???? Enjoy/////





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yea marty lol u go get a papsmear buddy is there somin we dont know bout u buddy!!!!and a mamogram lol ooops not funny fo da women sorry but had to poke at marty lol marty u get da silver dragon lately there buddy

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