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welcome....part 3 (gotta get to 100 or bust!)



okay, so i miscounted and did number 7 twice. i was never good in arithmetic-must have some sort of learning disability. i never learned my times tables and never even attempted my long division homework. than the goddess for calculators! arithmetic and mathematics are allegedly processed in two separate areas of the brain. therefore, i can do multivariable calculus (or used to do it), but i can't add or balance my checkbook.


9. my husband is a pain in the butt. he can't handle the brain damage and posttraumatic stress disorder that was caused by the car accident and is angry, hostile, and combative. he is getting all of this help and support and he doesn't acknowledge it. he has a very poor memory and cannot accept that i remember things and he doesn't; he fights me for several days before he realizes that he doesn't remeber squat and then apologizes, only to do the same dance again the next day. most of all, he is resentful as hell that i have recovered my cognitive functioning and my memory from my stroke without help from my ex-husband or parents, basically doing my recovery by myself with some help from my friends.


he went for therapy, but messed up and picked a therapist which was a non-participating provider (i won't bore myself with the story, but he thought she was participating) we got an EOB stating that he owed her $2000 (he never looked at it, because he never looks at the mail) he yelled and screamed at me when i suggested that he had told me how to get a participating provider before the accident and that he did not do that, etc., etc., etc. after fighting with me for 2 days he admitted that he messed up and didn't check and that both he and this therapist thought she was a participating provider. so, since she messed up, too, we will not pay this bill, but he can't see her anymore unless she offers him a very low fee (with the $250/session neuropsychiatrist and all our other bills), and he feels put upon and deprived. my house feels like an inpatient psych ward, and i feel like i'm the shrink, RN, and mahatta(mental health aide-Creedmoor slang) all rolled into one. i'm ready to drop-kick him to his parents'-they're the ones who screwed him up in the first place (he recently started having flashbacks of his mother abusing him when he was a child), so they can take care of him.

thank the goddess for SSRIs (antidepressants)-i haven't raised my voice to him, insulted him or called him names during this entire episode


10. when the fat lady sings, and the cows come home, i must admit that i am quite pleased that i have recovered my cognitive functioning and my memory from my stroke without help from my ex-husband or parents, basically doing my recovery by myself with some help from my friends. it would have been nice to have more help from my husband and family, but i am truly awed by the results, and at this point it doesn't really matter what the process was.





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Good for you and your progresses! I have to say I enjoy your POV as the survivor and your great outlook. Now how about you making a nice pot of coffee and sitting down, relaxing and enjoying a cup with me?


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It's going to take you to the end of the year to do your list of "100 Things" if you make an essay out of each one. But that's okay....I just wish I had thought of it first. biggrin.gif


I ditto what Pam said about your attitude and point of view.



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i am sitting down in front of the computer with a cup of coffee that my husband John has made before leaving for work at 6:15 am, and i'm enjoying it!


sandy lol_2.giflol_2.gif

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