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Pot Luck




I don't have a title, or a specific topic in mind, it is all just rambling and propaganda anyway. Does anyone else out there realize just how many people on a daily basis, believe their own propaganda? My soon to be X and his bike, er bimbo, are two of the most self deceived people I've come across. And HELLO! I'm the one with brain damage!Neither of them would recoginize the truth of reality unless it walked up to them and slapped them both silly. Then because they both appear to have the intelligence of gnats, I doubt they'd understand. Yup, I must have been really really bad in another life. I still say there is a good possibility that I was Poor Marie Antoinette. Misunderstood even then. I'm still misunderstood. OK, enough whining. Got that out of my system, I can go back to being Mary Poppins.


As today is friday, tomorrow I will be going and becoming the proud owner of a new bread machine. Can't wait.

Went to my older brothers for dinner last night and had fresh baked bread and I miss having a bread machine, fresh hot bread is a treat. I have a bread machine at the house but the thing never worked right since it was given to me, so I'm leaving it at the house, I don't want it.




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Are you getting the kind of bread machine that bakes the bread right in the machine itself? I was looking at them yesterday at the store, but they only had one brand and I was shocked that they bake inside the machine. How easy is that? All all the bread machines like that? I thouhgt they just mixed the dough.



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That reminds me, I need a new bread machine.



All the ones I've seen mix and cook the bread.



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Yes, they mix the ingredients and bake it all in the machine. Well worth the money. I know Lin mixes hers in the machine but she bakes it in her oven, that is an option too.


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Guest lwisman




You will be glad to know that bread machines keep improving. I'm on my third one in ten years. I seem to wear them out. smile.gif


The dough cycle was 2 hours in my first, one hour and 3 minutes in my current one. Yes I still always only use the dough cycle. Take it out, put in in a loaf pan and place in oven which was preheated to 170 (lowest possible on our oven) and turned off. I leave it in the oven for an hour and then turn the oven back on to 350. It takes 30 minutes to bake. Newer bread machines may bake better bread. I haven't tried it in my current machine or in my last one. I do know the new ones are faster and they knead better (dough is more elastic and rises better).


I also always use King Arthur flour which is higher quality than most brands. Also add 2 tablespoons gluten to add with rising and 2 tablespoons ground flax seed to add with nutrition.


Have fun.

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My husband bought me a bread machine for a chrismas present about 3 yrs ago yikes.gif Thats another story


i use it to bake bread. I think i can make cakes as well but I havent tried. If I wnat rolls, I use the dough cycle and then turn it out and make rolls to bake in the oven. There is also a timer so you can leave it to bake overnight, so wake up to fresh braed.

The smell is wonderful.

Over to your s for breakfast Pam, fresh coffee, hot bread and a family of deer cloud9.gif


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When are you coming Mary? Sounds delightful. I also have a recipe for holiday rolls that I use the dough cycle, then cook them in the oven.


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I prefer normal shaped bread so can see baking it in the oven, but don't often (if ever) make bread w/out using the timer. I -love- the timer!


The dough cycle is great for pizza dough!

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