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Sleeping in urine




It has been a long time, since my baby girl had an accident in bed, and last night was one of those nights. We sleep in the same bed, and sleep back-to back. So when she pees in the bed, I reap it too.


Oh well, today is wash linens day anyway, good timing. **She must have not used the bathroom when I asked her to last night.


Anyone else had/have a bedwetter? I try not to get frustrated b/c I know she doesn't do it on purpose. It is just a lot of work for Mommy to wrestle the sheets back on.




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i was a bed wetter as a child. finally mother took me to a urologist and it turned out to be a medical problem that could be corrected. wer'e talking over 30 years so i'm sure there are better treatments if it is a medical problem!!!!



good luck

kim pash.gifpash.gif

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My daughter was a bed wetter, took her to a urologist and found she had a small bladder..they had her hold off during the day (for as long as she could) before going potty..to try to stretch her bladder, that was not real succseful. They put her on a little pill (and I can't remeber the name of it) so she didn't sleep so sound ....that worked, and she only needed the medicine for a couple months.

Bonnie.....(they have those goodnight pampers now) one of my grandsons friends used them..especially on sleep overs)

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Wow ladies,

I have never thought of it as a possible medical problem!! I think I will get it checked out. I know she gets embarrassed when it happens.

I will start limiting her liquids past dinner.


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I can't believe they are still using that "small bladder" thing to explain bedwetting after age five! They told my folks the same thing and we're talking over 50 years ago. Glad to hear they have a pill for it now.



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my friend had a daughter that wet the bed and dribbled in her undies ... seems that when she drank any liquid that contained red food coloring she had problems... I know for a fact that I cannot have any of these drinks as I have nite mares... it's worth a try one was Tang orange drink

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Well I remembered the medication for my daughter started with a P

just went through my nursing guide and it is Probantheline....generic name. This was many years ago and I don't know if they are still using it

it does say, antispamodic and used for urinary incontinence.

You may want to ask your daughters doctor abou it if limiting liquids doesn't work.


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hey amy:


I did it till I was 12,I think in India, and nothing was done over the time got rid of the habit, so when my son started doing it did not feel odd about it, but we kept on waking him in middle of nightd few times, and since then no more accidents

keep vigil at getting her up in middle of night and no liquids after 8



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