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Marriage is about sharing




Those of you who are married remember that portion of the marriage vows, " sickness and in health...".


Shortly after my wife and I got married, my wife was the one who had health issues.


Since November 2004, I have been the patient primarily.


I must say I have been a worse patient than she has ever been. All of these mini strokes have affected the ability of my brain to conduct business. I used to have a very sharp mind. Now it is very dull. Now my wife has to carry the load as far as running the business is concerned. That used to be my "job" if you will.


I used to be upset about this fact. angry.gif Now I am not because I trust my wife's judgement. gleam.gif


What goes around comes around. lol_2.gif


Ain't life grand!!!





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what a good blog!!!! you and liz have one of those RARE relationships which we all desire. as you are aware, i have had to LEARN the hard way about give and take instead of GIVE GIVE GIVE !!!!!!!!.


there HAS to be that balance of power or the relationship will either fail miserably, or at the least, be unhappy. i am so glad in my heart that a sensitive kind man like you was able to find a woman like liz, to share your life!!!!!!!!



and what a GREAT big brother you are as well!!!!!


love ya'll

kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gifpash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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great for u there budd, seems like alot of us though when we have a tragic episode in our lives like a stroke the companion completely forgets the vows part

and walks the other way as happend in my last marriage all for da good though

good riddens to her im lots happier now but congrats to u and urs there budd beer.gif

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