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My Vacation




Well, my long weekend is finally here. I won't be able to leave until later tonight and it will take me 2 hours to drive there, but who cares. I AM GETTING AWAY FOR A FEW HOURS.


I almost feel bad that I am so excited. Now, I don't need a bunch of replies saying I need time to myself, and thank you for thinking that. But, it gets me thinking, when does Lisa "get away"? I wish there was a way I could take her away from all the therapy, doctors, nurses, pills and junk. Just for one day make her truly happy. Like the best day of her life kind of happy. Like a day on a nice, warm beach or a drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior in the peak of Fall. She's deserves it, hell, she's earned it.


She has been rather down this past week. So down, that I have added a anti-depressant to her meds. I know I have said before that I was proud that we haven't needed one, but now she does. I think the gravity of her situation and her long-term look at life is starting to catch up with her. It was suggested to my by her head nurse and I got no argument when I asked Lisa about it.


Also, Lisa hasn't been sleeping very well. Hopefully, this will take care of both problems. She is exhausted during the day after P.T., then when she gets in bed for the night, she's wide awake. She called me last night at 12:30. It's O.K. to call me, but she said she was up at 3:00 a.m. and was thinking of calling me. I would have freaked. The last 3 in the morning phone call I got was not very good. (Lisa's stroke night)


So, as "Leaving on a Jet Airplane" says,




Butch biggrin2.gif





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Hope you have a fantastic time! Try to ignore the guilt you'll probably feel occasionally by being somewhere enjoying yourself while Lisa is still not able to join you. This is an area I haven't mastered yet. I think it just goes with the territory, so shove it way to the back of your mind, if it pops up.



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I know it is hard to do something for yourself..Remember you had Lisa home on the weekend...more good times will come...maybe on a weekend out you can go for a drive with a picnic lunch ....Fall is coming .. maybe you can plan a short drive and a secenic route.

Have fun this weekend.


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