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I'd forget my head if it weren't attached



Seems I can't remember anything that I need to do for today. I have to have a list made out the day before. I forgot to call to make an appointment for the ultrasound of my right breast.


Truly, I would forget my head if it weren't attached.


Blessed short term memory loss! bop.gif Someone needs to knock some sense into me. Or maybe I need a lobotomy.


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Janice you are not alone on that.. I make out notes..have learned to put them in an obvious place to see or I forget about the notes.. I have to pick up insurance papers from my doctors office tomorrow and have at least three notes to remind me to do that..We have "extra" groceries in the pantry as when I am shoppping can't remeber if we have it or need it.... I have a calendar on the firdge I have been writing things on and have been trying to remember to check it often.


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janice hun i find myself making a to do list daily so i dont forget the things i need or want to do or otherwise id forget to

theres a bunch of us in that boat with you

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roflmao.gif Janice that is what necks are for--- to keep our heads attached. I'm glad I have one because my head would be in outer space if not attached.
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