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Oh gross... my virginity theif returns..




I feel so violated. The guy who I lost my virginity to, ended up marrying a one of my parents friend's daughter!! WE used to go to their frigg'n house for the Holidays they are so close to my family. I feel so violated, he has a secret tunnel to my world now. I didn't even like him, and our sex was terrible! I was so disappointed. This is weird to think that he's married, someone from my home town, not to mention that my mom and his mother and law are tight! His Father-in-law put my parents pool in for them.


I just hope he doesn't remember the town I grew up in was Waldron, and say's," "yeah, I used to date this chick from Waldron.."

And they curiously ask who?? Amy ______. !!


Oh my gosh, we are friends with her parents. Did you know she had a stroke??


I was casually looking through my home-towns weekly paper and came across their wedding photos. ( You know I try to dig up this kind of info online, but instead it was sitting on my coffee table!!)


TG, I didn't end up marrying him, and, found Gabe instead. He is the one who broke up with me, b/c I was too superficial for him!! LOL. Thank you Travis for breaking up with me!


**Mental note, never to go visiting that family with my mom, in fear of running into him.


I t just *beep* me off he married a family friend of my parents!


I gotta go take a shower.... ick




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I don't have your situation, but if I were to 'run into' or across the "man" I lost my virginity to, I'd feel like castrating him. Obviously, he didn't make a wonderful impression on me! yikes.gif

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i think that the man who i lost my virginity to might be doing 25 to life in Attica or Dannemora, or might be dead. if i ran into him on the street today, i probably wouldn't recognize him. if i ran into him, so what? what's the big deal? i i no longer have an emotional reaction to running into my ex-husband, who cares if i ran into every man i slept with?


John, my husband, does not remember who he lost his virginity with, or how old he was, although he knows it was after the time he got kicked out of Catholic school but before he dropped out of public high school-somewhere between 14 and 17, probably closer to 14.


the only thing that's important now is that neither John nor i have sex with anyone else. neither of us have a double standard concerning sex,although i do tease him about being a '*beep*' because of all of the women he had sex with whom he doesn't remember fully during the years that he drank and did drugs.


sandy Angel.gifAngel.gif

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stan-are you really as big a '*beep*' as John??? maybe i should get him to come here so that you guys can discuss this. after all, he IS being worked up for a stroke (because of his traumatic brain injury from the car accident), so he probably qualifies for membership


sandy wicked.gifwicked.gifwicked.gif

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