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This is a warning! If you are planning a trip to Florida, DON'T go to Bartow! It's not worth the trip, especially if you are approaching from the east. roflmao.gif


I had to go to see about house plans (manufactured/modular) The local people know only what they want to tell you, so it really paid to go to the top - the manufacturer of said homes. Five hours round trip, that awful trip on Interstate 4 which surrounds Orlando, Home of "the mouse" (Disney World, with Epcot and all the other theme places there are). Before DW, the area was wilderness, It's amazing what billions of dollars can do. I have lived in Florida for over 40 years and the closest I have been or wanted to be to Disneyworld was the entrance to the parking lot at Universal - I made a wrong turn. Foutunately, when I told them, they told me how to get out without paying the 7 or 8 dollars. And to make matters worse, a few minutes of a very intemse rainstorm with me unable to see. Thank goodness the trip is over. I will never again go to Bartow ......well maybe if someone paid me a million dollars.


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Seems like now all travelers will have to wait until the water goes down.

That hurricane was no joke, when I see on the news boats going down the streets that cars normally use.

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