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Does he really have a better sense of smell?




Help! Does my husband really have a better sense of smell since his stroke than he did before?


Ever since my husband had his last stroke he seems to make a point of telling me how bad my breath is. Yes, I know this sounds silly but I've gotten to the point of always having mints, gum and other items to cover my supposed bad breath. Even if it's only been 5 minutes since I have brushed my teeth, tongue and flossed, he still tells me my breath is terrible. And this is coming from a man who only has 4 remaining teeth and never brushes them!


I'm starting to think twice before I even speak to anyone at all! And who do I know if I really have bad breath or it's just a "HIM" thing??? I know it seems really silly to be questioning this but it's really starting to get to me.


Anyone have any suggestions????


Bad Breath Bonnie!



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Maybe a fast appointment with your dental office may shed some light on the subject. Otherwise you would have to rely on another person to say yea or na. Thats my 2$ worth.

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The last appointment said everything was fine. That was last month. I brush my teeth at least twice a day if not more and use a water pick. (I got a really cool one that I can use in the shower!)


I have mentioned it to others and no one seems to make as big a deal of it as he does. With his short term memory, even when I ask him to back off a bit, he never remembers that he agreed to do that.


I guess I know I'm just venting with this. Not much else I can do since talking to him about it doesn't get me anywhere.


Thank you for the dentist suggestion though!!


Take care,


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