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if i have one life, let me live it as a blond



my realtime friend Ellen, who is extremely politically correct and was raised as a second generation red diaper baby, used to keep on asking me when i was going to stop polluting the environment by bleaching my hair (i only had highlights then). after telling her, for several years, that i will continue to bleach my hair until i shape-shift and enter a parallel universe, she now just looks at me disapprovingly when i say that i'm going to get my all of my hair bleached.


15. if i have one life, let me live it as a blonde


to get all of the hairs on my head blonde, i have to have double process color, since my (gasp!) secret.gif natural hair color is dark, dark brown. this entails me sitting on a chair with bleach on my head for approx. 3-5 hours, depending on how long my roots are. i cannot sit with bleach on my head for more than 2 hours on any given day because if i do, my scalp will itch and my hair will break and i will have to go back for a new cut and another trim or two before i start the process again. head_hurts.gif in this case, i then feel like i'm a cat with eczema who's shedding and was taken to the groomer and given a bad trimming. yikes.gif


so now, after getting my hair bleached for only 1.5 hours, my hair is platinum at the ends and sort of a reddish bronzish blonde (or blondish red bronze) at the roots. Laurie, my hairdresser, and i agreed that i looked like a peach. Sob.gif at least it was better than looking like a chicken or a pumpkin. i am going back at 8 am today and getting my hair processed again. i am sitting here blogging with a large amount of dried conditioner on my head.


oh, the places i will go and the things i will do for beauty.


sandy hairy.gif


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Sandy, there may be another way to go. My sister was county committee chairman for one of the political parties and this necessitated her always having her hair just so - at any given time. She started wearing wigs. Yes, they are bothersome to my way of thinking, but a lot easier than going through the bleaching. She never goes any place now without one (she has 2 so she can switch and for when one must go to the shop) Would this work out of you?
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hiya.gif phyllis


in another lifetime i had two wigs and wore them for a short while. they felt hot and uncomfortable to me. i would rather bleach my hair two days in a row then wear a wig.


thankyou.gif thanks for the suggestion, though



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