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wow sorry for the long non posting stage



Hey everyone. This whole month has been very hecktick. And not such a good one for myslef. let me begin, i need to get it off my chest or it will be dewling in my mind on the first day of school


It all started beffore i went to my grandmothers house. It was the night beffore. I couldent sleep and for the life of me nothing was helping. And then it started, I just had a rush of fear and panick come through me, I was shaking and i couldetn stop crying, for no reason at all. And then the worst happend, I had flash backs of My Father in the hospital, and my grandfather at his wake. I am am so mad at myself for letting that stay with me.


My mom wants me to go see a phyclogist. I am affraid to go becuase i dont want to be put on Meds. Can anyone help, and tell me if you have had simalr problems. Thank you gys (For who ever read this) I needed to get it off my chest.



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Hi Alex, you have gone through so much in your young life...very frightening things...

Everyone needs to go through a grieving process. it is natural to miss what is lost if we deny ourselves this process it can sometimes cause more anxiety and fear. Sometimes these flash backs come around the time of year that the "event" happened or something we see or hear can trigger this "flash back"

It might be good to talk to someone, a pshychologist, psychitirst, a clergy man, pastor someone you are comfortable with, it may not mean you need medication just someone to talk to about these fears, and you may be holding anger and resentment inside that you aren't aware of.

Someone with experience can lead you in the right direction to talk about your fears and help you understand and deal with them.

This is a time in your life when "things" are changing, growing up, hormones, more emotional.. and a new school year starting.

I think maybe your mom is right and you need someone to talk to, but if you are not comfortable with the person..let your mom know right away, it may take a couple tries to find the person you can be comfortable talking to ...

Best wishes to you Alex flowers.gif


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