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The house of stroke



I'm not sure how to describe this. Since March this year, I feel like my life is divided into little boxes or rooms and as I pass thru a room the door closes and I'm in the next room. For example, there was the rehab room and boy was I happy when I no longer had to go back to the rehab centre, then there was the"organise lifts" room where I had to rely on friends to take me to OT and exercise, now I am driving again so that door has closed, lets not forget the AFO room, I am no longer wearing my AFO, so that door is closed. Am I making any sense? I wonder what room I'm in now? I can't wait to get thru all the rooms and close the door on this damn house of stroke. Maybe I need a shrink? I've just re-read this blog and if you can't make any sense out of it, don't worry - I can't either! It's been a long day!!! I think I will shut down and call it a day. Until tomorrow.....


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I think the House of Stroke is just one of many houses on the Journey of Life.

I'd call the room you are in now "Room with a window on life" as, if I'm not mistaken, you feel as if you are just looking and not fully involved yet? You are out and about Vicky and at your age that is really important. Make the most of each day.

Sue. pash.gif

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hi vicky:


I agree with janice, ur house of stroke is one stop in journey of life maybe letting you know ur choice in fiancee is best one, there r so many good destinations still going to come, specially getting married, going on honeymoon, and getting old together


life is journey, enjoy to fullest


love Asha (35 yr old survivor)

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We understand you Vicki, it is a good way to explain it, I wouldn't have thought of it...but yes it is like moving through rooms..


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Get out of the denial room real fast. Realize you had a stroke which has changed your life style. It's like going to bed one night knowing you are wealthy. Wake up and see you are poor, everything you had is not there, you call the bank, they say you have no money there.


I don't ever look pass me shopping on my scooter in the stores. On the other hand I could walk in like everybody else one day. I don't fret to say when is it going to happen. Live with what you got today and tomorrow will take care of itself with you in it. Rest your mind, you are a live survivor.


Breathing, walking, and talking, all survivors can't do that. You are blessed my child. Think for a moment about all the non-survivors from just last week. Then there are survivors that would love to change places with you instead of the unstable,uncertainty times they are facing. Progress is the rooms you pass thru in stages. smack.gif

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