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running away




We have had a couple of really good days. Yesterday we went to our local Flora Festival. I didn' t think it was as good this year as it featured drought hardy plants which are not as spectacular as exotics or the English cottage garden plants. Generally with our water restrictions people are letting their gardens go so there is not the enthusiasm or the income for plant nurseries.

One thing I noticed yesterday as there were a lot of pre-schoolers around was some of the tactics modern Mums use to control their little ones. You could see the "not my kid" Mum who just ignored the little one when he touched the untouchable or threw a tantrum. There was the "here, this is your problem" Mum who with a scowl on her face thrust the kid into the arms of the father figure standing close by. There was one Mum who told her son:"Don't you run away from me or next time I will run away from you and I won't come back."

It reminded me of a lot of the people I know whose loved ones have a stroke, heart attack or any other trauma. It seems a "naughty thing to do" sometimes, doesn't it? And the "victim" is not always the one who has the stroke, the spouse/partner acts as if it has been done to them. And they behave in the above ways. There are lot of other ways of reacting that are only half-way to being a caregiver too, neglective, self-centred, self-indulgent people do not make good mothers, or good caregivers.

But there were lots of good functional families enjoying their day out and they were the majority and God bless them all. Ray and I had fun and that was what really mattered.



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