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Country wife



Hey, thank G-D I'm a country girl. Just enough rain last night to bring on the "potting up" jobs. For those of you who live in small city apartments and have no garden that means taking all the pot plants out of their pots and either potting them up into bigger pots or for those that divide (like my bromeliads) you take a knife cut the whole root ball in half and pot each half into a pot. This gives you one for the church fete, or one to give away, or you can just move everything around and redesign your garden.

There is something about getting up to the elbows in potting mix that fires me up. It's a country girl thing. I feel SOOO much better when I am sweaty and filthy dirty, and have a little row of new pots which hopefully, the bromeliads anyhow, will flower next autumn.

And I did take one to a neighbour, and I did stay for a cup of tea and some gossip and I did come home feeling much better.

How's that for a "hobby" talk guys? Rivetting stuff, eh?

Love you, Sue.


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I wish you lived near me! I'd dearly love to trade you a cup a tea for a plant for my deck. We used to have bromeliads in the greenhouse/florist where I worked. I haven't seen one in years. I always tell people that if I won the lottery the first thing I'd hire is a cook and the second thing would be a gardener. I admire people who can do these things so much because I can't do either one very well.




P.S. Fasinating hobby talk. Aren't we ever so special. biggrin.gif

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