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Life is boringly the same every day...day in and day out.

I woke up and made an appointment with doctor for my sinuses at 2pm today.

Otherwise, nothing is different from any other day I've had the past 4 years.

Blah, blah, blah.d whoosh.gifwhoosh.gifsad.gif

Nothing interesting to cause me to smile or attempt to shift my attitude.

Oh, I did have a satisfying BM this morning...how pathetic...that's all that's noteworthy about my day.

What is the use of going on?



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Hi Janice, yes some days can be boring, I used to miss my job tremendously. I look around and think oh, my how can I be bored there is so much to do..laundry,cleaning, cooking, etc (yuck)

And then I look at my family..husband, daughter, grandchildren and my animals, the trees outside, the birds chirping and love life, even the boring parts.. I am not ready for the alternative...yet...

I am alive, in my own home and have much to be Thankful for..even the boring moments...just to sit and have a cup of coffee and stare out the window and watch life....sometimes you have to make your moments...whatever they may be..

Bonnie flowers.gifGood-Luck.gif

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I'm not allowed to do the laundry or cook (Hubby is very fussy about things). I don't do anything productive ever.

All I do is take up space, eat and create messes for others to clean up.

Sorry, I can't just snap out of it!

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Janice, maybe your husband and you should have a little chat of things you could help with..does he know how you feel.

I for one think you are productive..look at you you are a certified mentor here in this family. You reply to posts and you are active here.

This is productive helping others.

You said you did photography, can you put a collage together or scrap books for famiy members.

pash.gif Bonnie

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