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running on the spot




I seem to be running on the spot today. You know those nightmares you have where you try to run away but your feet are stuck in glue, or mud or some other goo and you just feel the muscles move but nothing happens?

Today is Tuesday so it was housework, school to teach Religious Education (we say Scripture) and then out to lunch. It sounds good doesn't it? Well the housework was searching for an account I seem to have mislaid, a large phone bill so I want to check the figures before I pay it. Then the wind was blowing and the kids were restless at school so I was a bit frustrated that the lessons didn't "work" and then at the lunch was nothing remarkable. Had to visit a friend who wasn't home, came home feeling out of sorts.

Maybe that is why Ray sleeps so much, it is partly to distance himself from the frustrations of every day life.Of course as a stroke survivor he gets very tired too.

I'm not bored, I am not depressed, I am not particularly tired. I am just stuck in a rut. When Spring finally locks in maybe I will feel my spirits lift and the mud below my feet will just melt away?

I hope tomorrow will be a brighter day.



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Isn't it winter there now? Chalk it up to a long winter's day, not much sunlight and everyone has a blah day now and then, it is normal.

Sue, stop adding more stress to your life trying to make every day a perfect day, we all know what reality is. I in no way mean any disrespect to you at all. Sometimes it seems to me, you are knocking yourself out to be this elusive ideal. It is ok and perfectly fine to have an off day once in awhile.


PS. And I hope tomorrow is a better day. I also know when spring finally arrives here, I am inspired and motivated, maybe you will be too.

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