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In my dreams




I'm no great blogger because when something is on my mind it takes up the whole space and I find it difficult to distance myself from a problem trying to get another perspective. Well at least I am concious of it. Almost every nite I either dream about going back to work or my ex-husband uhm.gif I've been divorced for 13 years. I was married very young and it lasted for 19 years. I still love this man BUT would not dream of going back to the life I have known with him. Yet I have been dreaming about going back to him and remaking my life with him. He remarried, I have not. I think I've never quite have gotten closure on this life experience. Not sure if I ever will! wacko.gif Wish I could though, I'd be a happier person.

I do have a loving man in my life. It is a challenging relationship in certain ways. We are opposites! So on many things we do not connect. Our hearts have, not our minds.

I feel sad that my employer is giving me all this trouble since my stroke. Self-esteem is not my higher fort since. I have had to fight them for my rights! I deserve to win!


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Dreams sometimes show us unfinished business. Maybe you are still clinging to the past in some way.

I still have "stuck in the mud" dreams. I guess t is part of the frustration of being a caregiver.


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