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another false hope




GRRR!! If I was a dog I would go bite someone. Just had a sweet little girl come and assess Ray for speech therapy. She said all the right things, he did all the right things. So where is the evidence of the coughing fits, heaving etc he does before after and during meals? Not on show today.

And that seems to be the story. He falls at home but walks strongly into the doctor's rooms. He has incontinence problems but if questioned by the doctor says, with a boyish grin: "not often, not for a while now.

HE IS IN DENIAL and it really messes with my head.

He is going to have a modified Barium swallow under hospital supervision some time in the future, will have access to a therapy group in January and after that - may - get- some - therapy.

Anyone see anything wrong with this pattern? What are we supposed to do in the meantime? Pretend it all goes away!!!

If I sound MAD I really am!!!



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You have the right to be mad. I call that the classic "parking lot cure." bop.gif Don't you just hate it ? It makes you look like you are making things up and being too overprotective to the so called profesionals. I get so frustrated at times because of the same reasons. Just keep trying, you are doing the best you can. MM

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It is probably his "pride" I know when I am out and about I try extra hard to look, act, speak normal. It is very tiring to do this, but I think it is pride and we try not to look "stupid" I have come to the conclusion that my doctor and family need to know that i am not always as "strong" as I "act" and can only put on my "show" for short periods. I am also coming to the conclusion that I am who I am and learning to accept and voice my limitations. It is hard to let your "guard" down in front of people who knew you pre-stroke and you are trying so hard to look, act, function as you were.


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