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hello again




i stroked 2 years ago i didnt join this site to meet friends most are not really friends

anyway when they say they are i just joined for maybe helping others and maybe ill get some help myself

so hi hello to all here



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Welcome My World,


I hope you are wrong. I have made many friends here. It is my second home.


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In my opinion friends are people to converse with, share the same common interest, in this case survivor of a stroke, and caregivers who are there caring for them day and night.


Some of the friends we had before the stroke is no where to be found. So the computer has united a group of friends with a goal to recover and get on with our lives. I'm glad you will be helping others and getting help yourself. We strive to do just that.


We respect what you are saying, but I feel you will find some here you can confide in from their experiences which may be the same as yours when you had your stroke.


Like right now you are here, you had a stroke, you survived, thats what matters to us. If we can help, your gender or orgin doesn't matter nor if you can speak or walk, we care. We try and offer ideas to help.

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