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First time I saw mom after stroke



So here I was in a strange land. Ok I had never been there before. It wasn't strange, just new. Dad picked me up at the airport and we went to the house. I thought what a great house, but something was missing. It was mom. We dropped my bag, called my husband to let him know I was here, and off to the hospital we went.


I got an eyeopener. I had never seen my mom look so helpless. I had to choke back the tears. As I grabbed her hand for the first time, she had what the called a little seziure. Her nails actually cut into my hand! I was so scared. I started meeting her nurses and her doctors. I felt safe, but I still blamed the doctor. I watched for a week, as I fed my mom, that she understood what was happening. But I wasn't really certain that she did. She seemed so distance, that it was hard going to the hospital everyday.


After a week, I had to go home. Back to my husband and my job. I felt so helpless and alone. Sometimes I still feel that way.


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