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My precious Hans




My precious Hans - I feel like tonight that he is slipping away from me. He has been really sleepy all day - only got up to eat breakfast and then again this afternoon when we had appointments at the vet for our cat and dog. He slept in his chair in the van while I took our babies in to the vet. When we got home, he went right back to bed. I checked his blood pressure and his pulse and they are normal for him - even a little higher than usual but not much. While he was up those few minutes, he just moaned. I ask if his stomach hurt - no. His abdomen - no. His head - no. His legs - no. He doesn't seem to have a temp but he is just listless. I got him to drink a Boost since he has eaten such a little today. I am worried. I thought about taking him to the ER but they just stick him with needles and insist on Xrays and CT's which just jostle him around. He doesn't need to be hurt any more.


Too, I'm really heavy hearted because we have lost a precious couple from our Sunday School Class at Church. Jim died Saturday morning and Mary died four hours later. Mary had a stroke about 4 years ago and Jim had taken care of her like an infant since then. He bathed, dressed and fed her. He was a wonderful husband and caregiver for her. He developed cancer on his kidneys and had surgery last week. The surgery went well but then he died Saturday anyway. I don't know what happened to Mary but four hours later, she joined her Jim.


All of our evacuees are in apartments tonight. Some are going to stay and some are planning on going back when it is safe.


Well, we will see what this night brings with my darling husband.



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Sorry to hear about the lost of your friends.


My husband has listless days, too. Many of them and they usually follow after a day when we've been busy. I know what you mean about feeling like your husband is slipping away from you, I've had that thought. But I've gotten used to his 'down times' now and I try not to worry about them or project too far into the future about them. Hang in there, Joy!



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Hi Joy:


I too understand how you feel. Chris has had some really bad days lately. He is so sleepy. It makes you feel so lonely. Here's a hug - hope you feel better. pash.gif


I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. Take Care........


Kim smile.gif

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