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Long Term Home Health Care Insurance



I had a little chuckle today thinking about how I have become obsessed with purchasing Long Term Home Health Care Insurance. It's a little different than Long Term Care Insurance, in that you would be able to hire a caregiver to help you stay in your own home.


I'm 34 yrs old and this is what I am eager to start investing in. I'm currently a stay at home mother of 3 and I think about what I will do with my salary when I return to work someday: invest it so I can take care of myself in my old age. I have been pretty thrifty lately, shopping for my kids' clothes at discount stores (not that there's anything second-rate about shopping discount stores) so I can pocket the difference and invest the money into--you guessed it--something that will provide for me when I am old and/or disabled.


I'm entering this blog into the category of "Good Day" since I can at least laugh at myself, the "planner", the "organized perfectionist", for trying to regain some semblance of myself, my old self before my mother's stroke sent me into this tailspin. Even in this uncertain time, I'm still gonna plan ahead and get prepared. Although I am being forced to take things "one day at a time," (something so unnatural and foreign to me), I refuse to surrender all of my personality traits, all the things that I liked about myself and made me "Me" to my mother's stroke.


Thanks for reading! Have a great day. I hope this day falls into the Category of "Good Day" for you!!!



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