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poem- a stroke



i have been writing poetry. i hope you all like it.


A Stroke


Yesterday I cried.

You swirled into my life like a tornado destroying it piece by piece.

You are silent but yet deadly

You are a stroke.


Today I cried.

I screamed a silent scream, knowing that my cries and screams would go unheard.

I cried for the yesterdays I could remember and the tomorrows I could not imagine.

I cried for the me that was confident, the outgoing me.

I cried for my independence

I cried for the life that is no more.

I cried because of you, so nasty a stroke you are.


Tomorrow I will cry, cry for the old me that is no more.

I will cry for the new me, the me that will learn to smile and be confident once again.

The me that I will learn to love and respect thyself.

Tomorrow I will smile and embrace the new me, the me that will not give in to a nasty thing called a stroke



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Hello Dee


Great work! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more.


Thanks for starting a blog.... This is a great place to share.


Smiles smile.gif



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