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Sleeping so much



He sleeps so much! I know he needs more rest than he did before but if I can't keep him entertained he goes back to bed. He got up at 11 today and its 330 and he is back in bed.


How much is too much.


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i found that since my stroke nothing seems to hold my intrest it seems as if im allways sleeping myself , i can sleep till 9:30 am and by noon i can easily go back to bed yill 4 with no problem allthough somedays are better than most i can get up and go for a walk if i force myself thats the key forcing myself to do so

but fatigue still plays a big part in my life still to this day ill have my 2 years in feb on the 11th

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My husbands doctor says sleeping is not bad for a survivor. My husband sleeps about 18 hours out of 24. He has some back problems (prior to the stroke) so I just figure his back bothers him and he wants to lay back down. He doesn't talk or communicate very well at all so I just have to guess what he wants or is needing. It's frustrating but he is so precious to me.

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Hi - I had my stroke 7 years ago and even today, it would not be hard for me to sleep 18 hours a day, much like a dog. My husband gets frustrated with me as well, but when my body says so I have to give in and lay down because my speech will slurr, my balance gets worse and my tremors return. Stroke is a brain attack and when that happens much like a heart attack -you must rest the heart - no physical exercise. The brain is the same - brain attack/rest brain by sleeping.

I used to be very active but the least little exertion tires me. Wish it was better for all of us, but like me I'm sure your husband is trying. smile.gif


Do you have someone to relieve you while your husband sleeps? You could get some rest or relaxation for yourself. My husband would leave me in small lengths of time so he could regroup himself. It is stressful for the caregiver and you need to have time for yourself as well. You deserve it!! Meet a friend for coffee or lunch or treat yourself to a matinee. bigwink.gif

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there's not MUCH i would rather do than SLEEP!!!!!!!!! i've always been a "sleepy head", but it's intensified since the stroke. it makes my husband CRAZY that i can sleep all day while intermittently watching SCORES of lifetime movies!!!!!



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