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100 things about me



In keeping with the general style of blogs around here I will try to think of 100 things about me (some of which will be boring!!!!)

1. I am 59 years old but think as though I were 19 (when I grow up, maybe I'll do something useful)

2. I used to work as a firefighter in NYC (eventually rising to battalion chief- butI loved every rank and every minute of the job.)

3. I would love to write a book.

4. I used to own a dog but I don't like cats too much.

5 When I was in the army in Germany, I found out that languages come easily to me.

6. I consider myself good looking (but a little conceited).

7. I like to cook.

8. Before the stroke, I was studying Spanish, to get along in Spanish Harlem,where I was working. After the stroke I went back to class and found it very difficult. Maybe I should try school again now.

9. One of my favorite things to cook is gumbo - gets me thinking of n'awlins

10. I keep trying to join the red cross to volunteer to work down south and they keep putting more roadblocks in my way. In Jan. I will join again with a bunch of retired firefighters.

11. I have to learn patience.

12. Since the stroke and before it too, I never had much patience.

13. I think that's why I've come back so far - I didn't have the patience to just lie there.

14. I have a great family.

15. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters, my mother is 82 and still going strong.

16. My family is very supportive.

17. My wife is not too supportive.

18. She tries but her health is not too good.

19. I don't know how she puts up with my moods - today was the worst- all that screaming and being a jerk (that's me!!!)

20. My sister-in-law lives in Florida, so does my brother. To get my wife to go down there is like pulling teeth. She hates Florida.

21. We are going to Florida in Feb.

22. I don't think I will see Disneyworld, I would like to but it is so expensive for what you get.

23. This is taking a long time.

24. I used to be a fussy eater, but since the stroke my food preferences have changed! I now like fish!!

25. It's very hard to keep coming up with things.

26. I still try to keep getting better.

27. My main problem right now is balance.

28. If I bend over to get something off the floor, I have a hard time getting back up.

29. I know that I couldn't ever do my old job.

30. Another problem is my right-left coordination. Maybe I should go to a pool over the winter.

31. In the summer, when I go to Cape Cod, I would like to be able to swim like I used to.

32. A really small problem, one which I know many of you would scoff at, is that right-left thing. It effects me in many small ways, like last summer at the beach, I couldn't skip rocks in the water. I don't know why, maybe it's my shoulder being so hard to control, but nowadays I "throw like a girl". Which is a problem for someone who used to be so sure of himself.

33. I told you it would be boring.

34. I'm giving up trying to find 100 things and I think I will publish this blog now.


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You've got a great start for your list! No fair quiting now. It's when the writing gets tough that the most interesting little quirks come out about the list maker.



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I enjoyed your list so far, but you shoulda pushed it to at least 56.


PS.... when you finishing it?????

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