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More things about me



35. In response to the comments on my last entry, I will try to come up with more things.

36. I had about 50 things here before supper, then lost it all.

37. I'll try to remember some of them.

38. When I was drafted in 1966 into the army, they sent me to Germany, where I developed a taste for good beer.

39. That taste stayed with me for 40 years, and I have drunk many of the best beers in the world.

40. I can no longer drink much beer, and I miss it.

41. If I drink too much beer, I end up in the hospital. Maybe when my balance is better, I'll be able to enjoy more than one or two beers.

42. As of Jan 1, I will join the non-smokers club.

43. Recently, I have cut down on cigarettes, only having three or four daily. Now I am giving them up completely. To make it easier, I plan on resuming smoking when I am 75 years old, if the inclination is still there.

44. I cooked supper tonight, and the stuffed peppers came out great, if I must say so. The recipe is my grandmother's, I learned it from my mother.

45. I like to read fiction.

46. I am now reading PD James' latest, and it is pretty good.

47. My daughter gave us tickets to Broadway's "Wicked" which I am looking forward to. (I really liked the book)

48. I have read all of Agatha Christie, most of Ruth Rendell, and Tony Hillerman, to name a few, also Lawrence Block.

49. I would like to write a mystery.

50. In Jan, my case goes to court again. The city claims my stroke had nothing to do with working at Ground Zero. I feel, and most people I talk to, that the toxins I was exposed to there had something to do with the stroke.

51. When I first got home from the rehab unit, I tried to read but nothing stayed in the head; by the time I got to the end of a book, I had already forgotten the beginning. It made for very frustrating times, but also I was able to enjoy some books several times.

52. I think that problem is mostly gone now.

53. I feel that this list is mostly conceit, imagine trying to find 100 things about yourself.

54. I am very lucky.

55. I know I am very lucky, even if I don't win tonight's lottery (which I have a good feeling about), I know that I am very lucky

56. At first, I couldn't have a good conversation, but now I am more confident talking to others - except on the phone!!

57. For some reason, phone conversations are difficult for me.

58. I get a pension now from the Fire Department but not as good as it will be when they determine that my injury was job-connected.

59. I also get a disablity pension from Social Security.

60. My son is in school now to be a paramedic.

61. He is not working while he is in school, and I am paying his tuition. It is getting very difficult, but it is not permanent. I am looking forward to when he graduates.

62. I have had a very interesting life but it doesn't show up here. Maybe when I write my novel, it will show up.

63. I will continue this at another time when the muse hits me.


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Hi Jim


Good to read your blog. I would imagine that it is great therpy to put your thoughts down right.


I have found that the brain is like the rest of the body. it works better with exerise.


Just wanted to say keep up the great work.


Smiles smile.gif





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You can do it only 37 more to go. A few ideas for you, fav. movies, fav food, color, things to do. Don't be shy, we're ravenously nosy here in the blog community.


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