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opinions vary




This blog was set invisible by Steve because it was started by a banned member with two memberships, Stan.







people are due there own opinions

and views

thats what make's us all different

it would be a dull boring world if everybody

was the sae dont you think,

so dont knock somebody down for expressing there

own opinion


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And we are different kinds of people from all around the world, with different experiences. We come here to share a small part of our lives with each other.


The problem we have in common is strokes and the effects and deficits.So that is what we all can share. How we deal with that. It is good to feel supported by people who know what you are on about.


Happy days, myworld, and good health too throughout the year.



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stan, i still disagree with your opinion of NYC.


however, i've been in Atlanta, Georgia, and i have only good things to say about that city.


sandy cloud9.gif

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