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Optimistic New YEar



Today ends a five day break from work and while I dread going back to work every weekday, it will be good to get back in routine. My hubby who is the survivor has been doing very well during this holiday break. The two granddaughters that arrived this year sure help! John will be calling a stroke survivor in North Carolina who has been isolated we understand from her sister. We are excited at the possibility of helping someone. That seems to be what John enjoys most these days. I feel good about getting some things organized this weekend. We did a stroke camp in September and all the "stuff" from that event needed to be better organized and it's done! Will begin planning the 2005 event in about a month. Looking forward to a nice vacation in February, so for today, I don't have any real complaints or frustrations................of course when John wakes up from his nap, that can all change.

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hey marylee!!!!


you seemed so optimistic in january!!!! i hope everything has lived up to your expectations!!!!!!!



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