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pain in the butt



i would like to apologize to everyone i offended/upset. been having the second of 2 tia's. yes jean i did go to the doc. hafta see a neuro. i in no way meant to upset anyone, just needed to vent. anyway that's it. ps........................ sandy, could u please call me?


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Ok, :D so you're a pain in the butt - What else is new? - You can't offend anyone here #2, so quit trying!

:forgive_me?: See you tonight in chat -


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if you are a pain in the butt, then i am a pain in the gluteus. lol lol lol . when you are trying to vent in a blog, i think ANYTHING goes ( almost.) don't feel guilty, we have all been there girl. VENT AWAY!!!!. nice talking with you in chat.


later yank( lol)


kim :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I was no way offended. I was worried about you. I tried to get someone like a caregiver to get on to help. My wife said so sorry that she couldn't here and thought it was a wrong person on the phone. I hope you are feeling really better now. We are there for each others to help.



Now turn your frown upside down. :wink:




I'll see ya on the "Chat" room soon.




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I'm guessing you are talking about in chat, cause I didn't see see your pain in the butt blog, if I did, my mind can't recall.


But then when I was a little fellow in the first grade, I told the teacher my name was "Dammit Boy", cause my dad called me that all the time. Then the next teacher told me he was probably trying to say "Danny Boy," but had a problem pronouncing it correctly being black and all.

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