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2 years ago...




2 years ago today I was "normal"

the last time befor stroke. What was that anyway?


Today I am still trying to accept who I am. Many days I accomplish least I can't see anything.

I forget, have days when my brain feels like everything is just going in slow motion, talk funnny, cant say the right word.


Last nite my son said something. He is dating a girl who has RND and fibromyalgia. She is 17. Has been having some bad days with alot of pain and trouble getting around lately. He offered to carry her around shhool to her classes today and has done that recently. He said that seeing me in so much pain and no way to get relief for so long is hard on him, and that he wished he sould help though he knows there is nothing he can do. Made me think that he has found a girl like mom...I said that to him and that I wished he found a girl like I was before. He said something about me being a good mom and that he found that in this girl.




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Mary, part of being a parent is being a person of influence. We all know parents who's influence on their kids is bad, and parents who as much by who they are basically rather than what they do or say are a great influence on their kids, their kids' friends and sometimes the wider community.


I think the strength you have shown through the last two years will significantly influence your kids. Great job you are doing there



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