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Grandson's School report




My grandson Bill chose to do his heath report on strokes . Here is his report, he has also attached some of the information pages from our "home page" here on site.


Bill is 13 soon to be 14 he is in 8th grade.





Health report




A stroke is also know as a cerebrovascular accident or CVA it is a neurological injury in

which the blood supply is stopped. My Grandmother is one of millions of people that lives

have been effected by this horrible injury. She is 58 years old and 4 years ago she had a

stroke and survived. Some people die from strokes nearly 160,000 die in a year. Strokes

are the third leading cause for deaths in the world. Strokes do not just include old

people nearly 30% of stroke victims are under the age of 65. Strokes will effect four out

of five families in some way.


Strokes have warning signs such as numbness or weakness of the face arm or, leg usually

on just one side of the body, sudden trouble speaking or understanding words, trouble

seeing in one or both eyes, Sudden vertigo, severe headaches with no known cause, and many

more symptoms.


People that have survived from strokes often suffer many problems such as depression,

fatigue, loss of memory, loss of balance, painful muscle spasms, trouble swallowing, and

problems with bladder control. There are many more problems depending on the severity and

place of stroke.


My Grandmother has been an inspiration to me showing that when your knocked down to get

up and keep trying until you at last succeed. She has inspired this report showing that

she has worked hard and recovered from it.



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Guest lwisman




Congrats on Bill's report.


One of the positives of your stroke is that he have helped your grandson's sensitivity.


:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:

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Your grandson did a good job. What grade is he? I'll bet he educated his teacher with all the facts that he included.



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God does work in his mysterious way, your grandson is very compassionate person, and it's great that he has role model like you to get inspired from




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Give your grandson a pat on the back for me! That is an excellent report! Probably every one of his classmates has a family member who has had a stroke and that report, I'm sure, taught them a little more about it. Perhaps it even made some of them a little more sensitive toward the person who is a stroke survivor. Congratulations to him and to you as well for for teaching him.

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Now that I am fully awake, I see what grade Bill is in. You have had a very positive influence on him. Give him extra hugs, and maybe cookies, too.



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Hi all Thanks so much for you kind words. I will print this out and show it to him.


Vi.. after your question I went back and put his age and grade in...


Bill has always been a "kind" child. When he was 5 the little boy next door was handicapped. Bill played with him, and made sure he was included.


Bill will be 14 in April, he is 6'2" and around 200 lbs. He has always been one of the biggest children in his class. So from an early age he had to learn to be gentle... so as not to bowl every one over. He has a sensitive side and I like to think part of it is our influlence on him too. (His mom is also).


Again thanks everyone for such positive replies.


"proud grandma"

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You bet you are a "proud grandma!" Tell Bill we are all so proud of him for spreading the word about stroke. I think he deserves a stroke network hat!

His last paragraph brought a tear to my eye.

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