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my atty called me the other day and said they are going to file an appeal. so i am not sure on all the info why they want to do this, i am not sure i want to do this either, and have to go through this again. but, if it will get the wrong done, justified, then its worth it i guess. i am still in a fog, recouping from this past week, today is my baby boys birthday, so hopefully it will be a better day for me. he is getting married in less than 2 weeks, so i am looking forward to that and seeing my family. that will definitely bring smiles to me again. he is a great son. i am so blessed to have him, he is going to school to be a nurse, works part time for his dad and is always here if i need him. his wife to be is the daughter i never had. i love her like my own and her family is just as wonderful. this will be a great union of families. she is a teacher of 4th graders. her kids just love her. i can't wait for grand babies. they both will be great parents. i guess life does get better after a stroke. you don't think that when it first hits you though. this coming week has to be better than the last week. we'll see what the atty says. more on that later. i wish everyone here at strokenet a better week, especially the newbies and their families. kimmie


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Weddings are such a fun time! It is good that you have something positive to look forward too after such ahard couple fo weeks. Be sure to take a LOT of pictures and bring them to the AZ St. Patricks Day party so we can all share in your joy! He sounds like a fine young man and he has made a great career choice!


As for the appeal, do what you feel is best in your heart. Attorney's wouldn't file an appeal unless they think they have a chance...at least I hope they wouldn't!


I hope this is a better week for you Kimmie.

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