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Rain Rain Go Away




Grr grey and rainy again. I made national TV but 2 hours of filming turned into a minute long clip. Blink and you missed me! Oh well, an experience though and to be honest thought I might be cut altogether.

Had a rubbish physio session but to be expected as I have a cold with a bad cough and feel rotten. My legs just weren't as strong as normal. What is after all a trivial illness seems to hit harder after stroke. Made up for the session by doing a good stand to transfer. Making a real effort to just use my legs to stand and hold rotator for security only, can feel them get stronger and Ross commented. Had a first this week, as the standing frame whirred I stood myself leaving the seat part hanging limp; that felt so good, very pleased.

Trying to forego snacks and lunchtime desserts, sitting here I must use so little energy. Want to stop the rot before it starts! So hard watching others snack while you sit smug but hungry.





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You're doing so good! You get those transfers mastered and it will open up a lot of freedom for you. I admire your willpower to give up the snacks. I wish I could get my husband to understand that he's not burning up calories like he did when he was working. Very hard mindset transition to make, I'm sure.



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