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...And now for the rest of the story...





Note to Budweiser--if you happen to read this blog, I will try to make this short. I know I am verbose and I hope you forgive me.


Everytime it seems my friends have deserted me, some find their way out of the bushes. For this story, I need to go back a bit.


My parents had a dog, he was a cross between a Lab and Chow. When I first "took him over," all he knew was negative attention and he demanded a lot of it. It was due to my parents' dementias. I worked w/ him and over time, found a heart of gold in this dog. He did a lot for my parents and he took good care of them. I have written several stories about him as part of my parents' story. When I had my stroke, my family had to find a place for "Mr. Higgins," the dog and my cat, "Clea." To make a long story short, Mr. Higgins found his way to a foster home I found for him. I placed him w/ a mother of a friiend of mine. She had a wonderful environment for him -- 800' of waterfront, a large property in which he was free to roam and no traffic. Ms. Dorothy was so very happy to have him; she had lost her dog the summer past. She kept e-mailing me about the things he did and where she took him.


I knew how happy he was there and he worked all his life in taking care of my parents and then me while I was battling depression. He had a hard life with my parents and was so very grateful when I gave him his first Christmas gift. When I found a new house to move into, the plan was that Mr. Higgins would be with me. But as I thought about it, I felt it was time that Mr. Higgins deserved all the blissful happiness he could find. I felt the best place for him was to be with Ms. Dorothy, who loves him so much. Sometimes the things you love must be set free. So I gave Mr. Higgins to her.


Ms. Dorothy had requested I come to her gallery which she owned w/ her daughter and another friend of mine. She said she was bringing Mr. Higgins to the gallery so I could see him. I was amazed. Mr. Higgins actually remembered me and was so very happy to see me. My heart cried.


But the most wondrous part of this visit was yet to come. Ms. Dorothy is up in age, I quite frankly do not know how old she is. She is an artist but because of her age, she does not paint anymore. However, she took time and a lot of effort to paint a portrait of Mr. Higgins for me. This is not just a painting, Ms. Dorothy has given me a part of her. What a true gift. The painting captured Mr. Higgins' eyes and how his ears kind of stick out halfway. I have no words to aptly describe how I feel to receive this gift. I have no words that aptly describe how special yesterday was for me. I have no words that aptly describe how blessed I feel that I have friends who think that much about me. Yesterday was very special and I will hold this memory in my heart for a long time. Take Care. LK



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Wow, this is a tear jerker story to be sure, Lucy! Mr. Higgins sounds like a great dog who deserves to be immortalized in a portrait. And you---what an unselfish thing to do to give Mr. Higgins up to his and Ms. Dorothy's greater good.




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Yep - got the tissue out on this one! Can you take a picture of the painting and post it in the gallery?


Sounds like Mr. Higgins is one very loved dog and you are a special person for recognizing his needs over yours.....

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Oh Lucy, what a wonderful story and Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

I have a little toy fox terrier that was given to us by a friend.. she loved her dearly, but her husband did not like her at all. She also had a lot of negative attention.


It took a little work... she is a great joy to us... and she fits in with our"pack". My friend comes by sometimes... so she still gets to see her.

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Bonnie-- Maybe your friend should do what I did...Traded my husband for the cat. True Story: The girlfriend got my ex-husband, I got her cat. Clea, the cat, and I have a long lasting and affectionate relationship to this day while the girlfriend and my ex-husband have broken up. (My apologies, I'm snarky! :nuhuh: )


True story but I'm just joshin'! I'm no "Dear Abby" :giggle:



Dear azrabbit-- Unfortunately, I do not have the capability of putting photographs on-site. I used to have an EasyShare camera but it broke when I was in Europe. Best laid plans and all that... Take Care all. LK

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