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I still dislike the 'skin' being used by the site




I seldom get to use my son's Gateway computer but am compelled to do so because this site is not MAC friendly. I feel like I'm having to jump through hoops to be a member here. It isn't easy for me to visit so I don't come near as often as I did in the beginning. Here I am whining again.


As to an update on me....I"m doing ok. I've been at the same level of recovery for the past 5 years it seems. My stroke was 6 years ago. I still stuggle with depression even though I've been on an antidepressant all the time. My situation is compounded with my age: menopause. I turned 54 this year. :(


MY husband is doing quite well even though he's still so very thin. He's 135 pounds and 5'11". Praise the Lord he's cancer free. He went and had a chat with his great aunt and she gave him the family history. There's been 9 men who've died from colon cancer: dad, uncles, grandfather, etc. The youngest to die was 26 so our son, who's 22 needs to be tested ASAP.



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Hi Janice,


Glad to see you back. How great that is that your husband is doing well after his bout with cancer.


Hang in there yourself! Menopause will pass in time and you'll probably find a lot of the depression will pass with it. Maybe not all but it will help a LOT.


About the skin... you can select your own here now. We have a dozen (?). Go to the bottom of the main page, in the lower left corner you'll see a place that right now says 'St. Patricks.' Click that drop down menu and pick a new default skin. The old one you used to like is still there. It's one of the two Strokenet ones but I can't remember which is the one with the links and which is the one with the drop down menus.



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hey Janice:


welcome back, I feel like old timer welcoming you when I was stll newbie here, I used to get strength from all the old timers here, I am glad your husband is cancer free, I remeber low period you had gone thru while his bout with cancer.



hope to see you more often around here



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