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Neuro-opthamologist vs. opthamologist




I have put this request here because it hardly had any time on the board before the topic was changed. I'm hoping someone who reads blogs sees it and adds a response. I must make a decision and soon.


Last year when taking my test for renewal of my driving license, I failed my eye test and had to see an eye doctor. I was rushed for time and there was no local neuro-opthamologist and so I did the next best thing and went to an opthamologist and had him sign my papers. He said that I had to have yearly tests. He has since retired and I received my papers for this year. I can either go out of town where there are neuro-opthamologists or go to the same practice and see another Dr.


I feel that although opthamologist should keep up with the latest thinking and knowledge, since my problem is stroke related, I should see the neuro-opthalogist. I could have my sister drive me wherever I wanted to go - or actually back, since my eyes didn't do well when they were dislated last year (seemed slow coming back)


What I would like is some imput from those of you who have the problem and who you go to as to whether you feel there is a difference. I have roughly 2 months but don't want to wait until the last minute but time has a way of passing and appointments are not always available when we need them. Presently, I wear prism glasses for driving which I really do not like but must wear. I feel as though everything is so close (and maybe it really is) but when I am backing up in a parking lot, I feel as though people are questioning where I got a license because I am afraid to get too close to cars behind me (double magmification due to magnified mirrors) - sometimes I will remove my glasses because of this and then put them on. Same problem though when I park in front of garage door. It looks closer than it is. It seems as though the glasses aren't right but I am sure they must be. I just wonder what the difference would be, if any.






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I went to the eye institute for my eye problems, refered by my PCP which ended up with 5 appointments but finally came away with a change in my lens. That was a year ago.


If you can find a regular opthamologist doctor to test you in a single appointment and sign that would be great. However, to pass the eye test at the drivers license place, you may have to get further help.


I have that same closeness focus when I pull up to the gas pumps. Looks like I'm right on top of the gas hose hanging there, then when I get out walk around to the other side, I'm two feet away from the pumps.


Same thing with head in parking, look like my front license plate is inches away from the handicap sign post. When I return from shopping, there is a shopping cart between my car and the post that some person was too lazy to walk another few feet to the cart return area.


Hope you find an answer soon!

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Your eyes and sight are so important. I would try for the best doctor i could get. God bless you and everyone who has stroke related vision problems. Thank God I don't.

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Hi Phyllis,


As you will see from my most recent post, Bill went to see his neuro-ophthalmologist yesterday. That is the only person he has seen since his stroke, since his vision has been affected. It's just me - but I'd continue with the neuro-ophthalmologist if I were you. If that's where your records are, it would be better from them to have some sort of base line.


Oh - some of the closeness thing - I wonder if it's our age? My depth perception isn't what it used to be and I always think I'm closer to an object than I really am. Maybe that's good for the car??


Take care, and I hope it works out for you!

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